What's new on the website

As there are hundreds of pages and well over 5,000 images, documents and videos on this website – this page will summarise “what’s new” so that you can keep track of material being added.

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Jan 18th – update to page on Livingstone with article on Jewish Wedding

Jan 10th 2023 – Page showing video clip of opening Samuel Leon Sephardi Hebrew School.

Dec 14th 2022 – copies of the Jewish Guild Journal 1919-1938

Dec 8th 2022 – new family biography submission form

Dec 7th 2022- ZJC blog added back to the site.

Nov 10 2022 – new family profiles

Oct 6 2022 – Zambian Medical School

Oct 6 2022 – updated Harare Hebrew Congregation

Sept 29 2022 – updated family pages

Sept 25 2022 – Zambian cemeteries

Sept 18 2022 A new page on Betar

Sept 16 2022 – Early Days of Broken Hill

Sept 12 2002 – new photo galleries