Merdjan Family

By April Merdjan

March 2023


I came to Rhodesia from England in 1950. My Grandparents and Parents and I lived for a short time in Kumalo, Bulawayo but moved to Salisbury. I was to meet my beloved late husband Isaac (Zack) MERDJAN and we were married in 1967. Zackie had 3 children from a previous marriage. The boys Robert and Ralph came to live with us as little boys and we brought them up. We were to have one daughter Nicole who was born in 1968. We were very fortunate to have lived in Rhodesia when the Country was in its Hayday. It was UTOPEA. My Husband’s business was ZACKS which became very well known. My Zackie passed away in August 2011. I left Zimbabwe to come to live in Cape Town where I live today in 2014.