Honours Board

Many thanks to the following people for their help (by contributing in different ways)  in getting this site from a mere seed of an idea in 2002 to reality in 2004 :

the names are not in any specific order

Marvyn Hatchuel (Israel)

Richard Schwartz (London)

Stan Harris (Israel)

Barry Mann (U.S.)

Nick Alhadeff (Israel)

John Cinamon (Perth)

Tracy Goldsmith (Harare)

Shelley Lasker (Bulawayo)

Ronit Lowenstern (Bulawayo)

Vicky Kaufman (Bulawayo)

Sheila Broomberg (Bulawayo)

Judy Chitrin (Bulawayo)

(the late) Aliza Hatchuel

Peter Sternberg (Harare)

Sharon Bernstein (Israel)

Colin Gordon (Bulawayo)

Brenda Kaplan (Atlanta)

Linda Goldsheft (Los Angeles)

Benny Leon (Harare)

David Gelfand (Israel)

Julius and Joan Bernet (USA)

Val Koff (USA)

Ronald Gordan (S.Africa)

Mel Berzack

Trevor Harris (New York)

and the many others who have sent in their family biographies, photos, records  and encouragement

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