Rhodesian Reserves 1916

This unique picture is entitled “Rhodesian Reserves” dated May 1916 and appears to be specifically a group of Jewish members of the reserves. With thanks to Colin Gordon for sending this to the ZJC site.  

The caption below the image speaks for itself.

Rhodesia Reserve Volunteers

Winners of Capt. P.B.S. Wrey’s Inter Section Competition

May, 1916

 Privates J. Hepker, J. Hoffman, J. Cowan

Privates J. Ellenbogen, L. Greenberg, H.B. Ellenbogen, G. Pichanik, S. Bernstein, J. Budlender, M. Salk, M. Cohen

L/Cpl M. Solomon,  Sgt. S.S. Grossberg, Lieut. L. Landau, Capt. P.B.S. Wrey, R.S.M. J.R. Meechan, Col-Sgt. L.B. Whitmore, Cpl. H. Gordon, L/Cpl. S.M. Bernstein

Privates M. Haimowitz, L.A. Rubenstein, L. Ellenbogen, H. Feigenbaum