bulawayo hebrew congregation centenary magazine

Updated September 2022

Below is the cover of the Magazine celebrating 100 years of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation published in 1994. You can read each section by clicking on the relevant page numbers .

June 2016 – with the kind help of Paul Bernstein we now have the full scan of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation Centenial Magazine to view online. Paul spent much time and effort scanning the full nearly 100 pages for viewing and reading. Each section is labelled to give easier location of articles and subjects of interest. Various pages from the magazine contain advertising, such as Page 39, Page 41, and Page 51.

Pages 1-10 – Editorial comment. Event summary; Messages; and Early days of Jews in Bulawayo

Pages 11-20 – Basch/Kaufmann/Chitrin-Treger families; and first part of History of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation

Pages 21-30 – Chevra Kadisha and first part of the Jewish Guild

Pages 31-40 – Jewish Guild journal 32/ Page 34 Zionism to the test / CAZO / viz: Early days of Zionism and CAZO

Pages 42-50 – Women in the Bulawayo Jewish Community; and Pictorial golden moments in the BHC

Pages 52-60 – Jewish board of Deputies and WW I & WW II

Pages 61-70 – Jewish Womans’ Organizations UJW; HOD; and Jewish Education in Bulawayo

Pages 71-80 – Youth Movements in Bulawayo; and first part of Jewish Music and Theatre

Pages 81-90 – First part of Bulawayo Jews in Sport; and Parkview-Weizman

Pages 91-100 – Second part of Jews in Sport, Maccabi etc.

Below are some pages from a magazine published on the 80 th Anniversary of the Bulawayo Hebrew Congregation