Bulawayo Cemetery Overview

“May their Dear Memories Be For a Blessing”

August 2022 – this new website presents the list of Bulawayo cemetery records in a database form which makes it easier to locate and identify names. You can read about previous updates below which give some indication of how and when the material was collected.

We are probably missing records for the last few years and we are trying to collect them and update this page.

June 2013 – A new album of tombstones has been added to the website with photographs taken by Vicky Kaufman in 2009. The location (section/row) of the graves were not received but each image has the name of the deceased person as a caption which should make it easier for searching (via the search facility at the bottom of this page and on the home page). Most of these graves are in the E section of the cemetery

This represents an update of some 110 tombstones from the original posting in 2005 and includes some general pictures of the cemetery including the Ohel Shem.

Editor : Sincere apologies to all concerned about the delay in posting these images and again grateful thanks to Vicky for the excellent photography.

To view the album – click here

May 2005 – It is with great honour that ZJC announces that these Bulawayo Cemetery pages have been further updated after much effort in both textual recording, mapping, photographing and posting on this site.

Thanks to the efforts of Vicky Kaufman, Sheila Broomberg and Judy Chitrin in Bulawayo this section now has records of each grave including its location (section and row) and some 1,240 photographs of the tombstones. Click on the camera image in the relevant row and the reduced resolution image will appear in your browser. If you place your mouse in the bottom right-hand corner of the image an icon will appear to enable you to enlarge the image to its full resolution.

There is a total list 1,375 registered graves at the cemetery.

We are now working to finish photographing of the tombstones for sections E and F . There are also a few missing photos for sections A-C which we are investigating.

 If you have any additional information or corrections to these pages please send it to Dave Bloom