Recording the history of the Zimbabwe and Zambian Jewish Communities

This web site aims to celebrate over 150 years of Jewish Communities and presence in Zimbabwe and Zambia and help record the history and details of a unique period for the benefit of both current and future generations. From a peak of some 8,500 Jews in the early 1970s – the total Zimbabwe and Zambian Jewish community in 2022 is less than 100 souls (from 200 in 2008). This is the story of once vibrant communities that settled for many different reasons in what was originally Rhodesia – later to become Southern Rhodesia and then Zimbabwe as well as Northern Rhodesia – later to become Zambia. Time however, is of the essence as the numbers of those that can “tell the story” and the remaining community dwindle.

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July 19th 2024 – read about the Mwendo projects in Zambia and the launch of a new water facility at Kalinda village, now called the John Eliasov Memorial Project.

July 11th 2004 – Pioneer St Jewish cemetery pages reformatted for easier viewing and location of headstones.

June 29th 2024 – new page with records of Northern Rhodesian (Zambian) community events.

June 17th 2024 – a new page of archive photos

June 10th 2024 – restored page on the story of Manicaland Jews

April 24th 2024 – restored page of World War II listings.

March 28th – Kwe Kwe Cemetery added to the site.

March 26th 2024 – additional pages added to Midlands communities and many additional family biographies.

March 12th 2024 – more material added to the main Zambia menu with thanks to Aviva Ron, Mervyn Blumberg and Mark Abrams.

March 3rd 2024 – extensive additions to the Zambia Cemetery page. 

Feb 23rd 2024 – a new page on Copperbelt businesses and families added.

Feb 20th 2024 – the ZJC guestbook facility has been reinstated.

Feb 17th 2024 – updated page of  ZCJ community recipe books added.

Feb 11th 2004 – new pages for the Mutare Jewish Cemetery

and the Penhalonga Jewish Cemetery

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Jewish members of the reserves 1916

The past is not the property of historians; it is a public possession. It belongs to anyone who is aware of it, and it grows by being shared. 

 William J. Murtagh

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