Adela Kamionsky

Written in her own hand-writing 20.9.1983 with photos below.

My late grandfather was a Talmudist and Hebrew scholar and very well known man.

Zionist work has been the focal point of my life – I could have sent you cuttings of functions I’ve arranged or participated in e.g. I was “Shekel” (spel?) Convener for Bulawayo in 1964; Yom Haatzmaut functions, Editor of the Chovevei Zion Gazettee and was secretary of the Chovevei Zion society for a number of years. I was cultural convener of the Bulawayo Women’s Zionist Society when I came back here in 1963 ; gave this up when I was working full-time ; I still do collections for the society ; I have given papers for Leadership Courses and World Wizo Bible day. I actually organized the 1st Wizo Bible Day in Bulawayo. I have spoken to a Branch of the Women’s Institute on Jewish Customs, Ceremonies and Festivals, also to a Church Women’s Group. Two years ago I was very proud to receive the Rebecca Seiff Award for the Pesach Programme broadcast in March 1977. I accompanied the Cantor in Pesach songs.

I have been Hon Secretary of Savyon Lodge for 13 years only just having given it up – I have also served on the Chevre Kadisha Ladies committee.

My brother Gerald (Aberman) founded “Rhodesia Calls” and Roblaw Publishers – he was also connected with Property and Finance.

My sister Phina and her late husband Max Rosin left their mark in the bowling world – my late brother in law was very well known in Insurance being with the Prudential Assurance Co.



Below is a short interview with Phina Rosi  – done at Beit Protea in Herzliya in November 2014