Harry Goldwater

Submitted by David Goldwater.

My Father, Harry Goldwater was born in Plunge Lithuania ( a village of 16,000 ) his family immigrated to Cape-town in 1937 while Harry came to Southern Rhodesia at age 19. Many Jews were killed in Plunge starting in 1938 actually by Lithuanian supporters of the Nazi movement. My Mother Minnie was born in South Africa but from age 4 to 12 she was raised in Lithuania and returned to Van Rynsdorp in the Wester Cape Province. My Parents first lived in Milton Park when I was born, then moved to Belvedere and finally to Alexandra Park, near the university. My Dad worked for Olivine Industries for over 50 years as Director of Sales Marketing and Advertising. In 1980 Olivine was sold to the Heinz corporation from the USA. My Dads great Grandfather and family moved to Lithuania from Dublin Ireland during the Great Potato Blight. We’ve been a family of immigrants to various countries over several generations. I went to Prince Edward High School in the 1970’s. My Sister Ann and I went to the Zalman- Margolis Nursery School and then Sharon elementary School. My Sister Ann went to Queen Elizabeth High School where she was a School Prefect.