“may their memories be blessed”

August 2022

In this redesigned ZJC website we have moved from the previous format of simple lists to a new database style which makes it easier to find and identify graves at the different cemeteries.   In some cases we were not provided the location of the grave (block, row and number) so the data will be limited to names only.

In some cases we also only received images of the tombstones and those are displayed in a gallery format.

The Bulawayo photographs were taken by Vicky Kaufman, the textual records and mapping were done by Sheila Broomberg and Judy Chitrin. ZJC and all its members thank them for the enormous amount of time and effort put into this project.

The Harare (Pioneer and Warren Hills), KweKwe and Kadoma pictures were taken by Benny Leon of Harare and we too extend our thanks for his great efforts in assisting this project.  

The pages listed in the drop-down sub menu of the CEMETERIES main menu above provide links to the underlying content for the cemetery records of Harare (Salisbury) Pioneer St and Warren Hills, Bulawayo , KweKwe (Que Que) and Kadoma (Gatooma). In the main menu under Zambia there are links to cemeteries of Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone.

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