The Midlands jewish communities

This section is dedicated to the small Jewish community of Kadoma (formerly Gatooma) which existed for some 50 years from the 1930s through to early 1980s.  We also have references to the Kwe Kwe (Que Que) and Gweru (Gwelo) communities.  (Editor invites anyone with additional material use the contact page below).   

(Other source: Harare Hebrew Congregation – Centenary Magazine – published 1995)  

For some unique video footage of the Kadoma Jewish Community – see below.  To view the Kadoma Jewish Cemetery.


The unique video clips below were taken by the late Siggi Weber z”l who was an avid photographer and these images provide unique visual records of the Kadoma community from the 1950s including the opening of the small Synagogue in that town in 1953. We thank his daughter Sophie Codron for providing this material.

Most of the images on the right are from Benny Leon for whom we are forever grateful.

Gweru (Gwelo) Jewish Community

Draft list of Jewish personalities that lived in Gwelo, Rhodesia, and subsequently in Gweru, Zimbabwe – contributed by Clive Shiff October 2011. For more on this community –click here 


Families listed below are invited to write short biographies and provide pictures. Please send to the editor 


Kwe Kwe (que que) Community

For detailed biographies and stories of the KweKwe Jewish Community on a separate page – please click here

Diana Polisensky has an extensive BLOG called “Once called Home” on the life in Kwe Kwe when she was growing up. See – this link

Ed Goldberg writes about his father Dr Isaac Goldberg

Mirah Bradt writes about her family in KweKwe.

Prof Jay Waronker has painted pictures of the former Synagogue in KweKwe and written briefly about the community and his visit there in 2005.


In the below clips we have the following scenes from Kadoma (Gatooma) originally filmed in 8mm by Siggi Weber z”l.

Introductory clip refers to the Jewish Community’s activities as well as involvement in the town’s social and municipal institutions.
Clip with councillors – J Burke and R Sternberg – both became mayors of Gatooma.
Clip showing some newspaper clippings describing Gatooma Congregational and Zionist activities (WIZO, UJW, Magen David Adom).
This clip this shows the introduction of Habonim to Gatooma in the early 1950s…folk dancing and other games.
Local children from the Gatooma community join Habonim . Scenes from the building site of the Gatooma Shul.
Film showing the opening of the Gatooma Shul on 16th August 1953. Shows Rabbis M Konviser, Papo and Reverand Yesorsky plus heads of the local community Jacob Hasson, R Sternberg, J Burke and heads of the Salisbury Communities, Lionel Harris, Dr I R Rosin and others including Cecil Jacobs.
A short scene of Queen Elizabeth School and Salisbury Airport – circa 1950s.
Scenes of a service at the Gatooma Shul with Rabbi Konviser in attendance, Mr R Sternberg, Gerald Rosin, Harold Gollop and many members of the Gatooma Jewish Community. Circa mid 1950s.

For additional clips go to the ZJC YouTube channel – click here